Are You Welcoming Money To Your Life?

I’ve been attracting lately all sorts of articles and thoughts about the vibrance you have concerning wealth.

I just read an article by Erin Pavlina, See a Penny, Pick It Up. I’ve come to realize that to get more money, you need to have your mind set properly for it.

What does this mean?

This basically boils down to the idea that your thoughts become your reality.

Eben Pagan talks about the money gap in his new videos that prepare his new program, Self-made Wealth.

The way I currently understand this is that poor people and rich people have different kind of vibrancy. If you don’t feel good about receiving money or asking for money, you’re not going to have it much. If you’re not comfortable spending money, because you feel that there isn’t enough of it, you have the vibrancy of a poor person.

Erin writes in her post that you have to be picking up all the pennies that come your way, because that way you’re giving the universe the message that you’re willing to receive money.

The difficulty is that if you have one kind of vibrancy, it’s difficult to go changing it. The best way to go about changing those vibes is to hang around people, who already have what you want. So if you want to become a millionaire, hang around millionaires, get a feel of the vibrancy that they have for money.

You can also learn from books. If you condition yourself to new thoughts, your mind starts to give your subconscious new kind of message. Best bet is still to have people around, who have what you want.  Gathering the pieces from different sources is possibly going to take a lot longer than having a living example of the right kind of vibe. Because you are fixed with your current beliefs about money, it’s difficult for you to see the new kind of vibrancy from a text only source.

The first step, anyhow, is to acknowledge that there is a gap – that there is difference in the vibrancy. When you realize this and accept the fact, you can go about looking for new kind of vibes.

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